Why did I try Usenet server www.novausenet.com?

try Usenet server

When I decided to try Usenet server http://www.novausenet.com, it was with a real sense of nostalgia! I was already a young man when the internet became popular, so I have an awareness of Usenet (aka Newsgroups) that many of those who have grown-up on the internet probably lack.

When I & the internet were both young, Usenet/ Newsgroups were (literally) Big News. Usenet was utterly ubiquitous, and really the forefather of many of our modern social-media platforms. It might be hard to conceptualise now, but back then it was revolutionary—practically mind-blowing—to be able to share opinions & media with like-minded strangers!

Yes—but why novausenet?

Partly nostalgia, as I say. But also, there’s a simplicity to Usenet: it’s pure, on-topic content. It reminds me so much of what the internet used to be—could be, still—before it became so heavy & overloaded with pop-ups & ads. I tried novausenet, over their competitors, because they had a 7-day trial. I stayed because they’re fast, unrestricted and cheap. And, frankly, because I’d forgotten how good the internet could be when stripped back to the bare metal of human communication!