Want to have access to a Usenet newsgroup?

Want to have access to a Usenet newsgroup? ViperNews gives you that access. We offer you three Usenet packages that gives you access to every Usenet group. We have packages for beginners, basic users and professionals. Our prepaid packages start at a price of 1,79 euro. This is a fixed price for the whole year.

A fast and reliable Usenet provider

There is a Usenet newsgroup about almost every subject. If you want to have access to a newsgroup, you need to have a reliable provider. A provider that is fast and gives you a good service. We care about our customers privacy. We don’t keep a log of the data you accessed through our servers. Besides that, we are a provider that has the best encryption. With our SSL-encryption your privacy is guaranteed.

Access to every Usenet newsgroup

Do you want to use ViperNews and have access to a Usenet newsgroup? Than try our service for free for seven days. If you subscribe, you have access to every Usenet group immediately. After the free trial period, you can choose a package that suits the best. We offer you three packages: Viper10, Viper50 and ViperUNL. Want to have more information? Than discover more about our services and packages at our website.