My Experience With Shared Hosting

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After marketing my cakes on social media for years, my friends suggested I upgrade to a website where I could share my recipes and build a reputation. I did not know much about this, so I asked my ‘tech’ friends on how to go about it. She gave me a crash course on web hosting, and since the price was my main concern, I fell in love with shared hosting. I chose WDMSH’s beginner-level shared hosting service that offered 1.5GB storage, one domain name, and unlimited traffic, which was a motivation for me. I had over five thousand followers on social media and thought all of them would be interested in my online recipes.

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I thought I had all this figured out until someone made it their business to educate me on the dangers of budget web hosting services. They specifically lamented of spam mails and slow loading speeds. It was then that I understood the benefit of the spam filter that came with the package. Also, no one has complained of lazy loading, and my website has had zero downtime. I plan to start sharing videos on my kitchen experience, so I need more space. Consequently, I plan to upgrade to WDMSH’s reliable, low-cost shared hosting plan as it offers 25GB storage. Also, my tech friend advised that the free SSL certificate that comes with this package is good for my website.