A Guide to Improving Darts Stance

Throwing darts has been a popular social game played in public places frequently. However, it is not very easy to hit the bullseye and you need to practice a lot for it. Players can practice at their home to get better at this game. There are many darts shops where darts and dartboards are available. You can also buy them from online stores like Dartshopper.

Tips to Improve Darts Stance:

It is very important to get the right stance for throwing darts. You may follow these tips to improve your stance:

Lining up with the dartboard:

For the perfect aim, you need to line up with the centre of the dartboard. Skilled players may choose to stand on a spot at the left or the right, but you can only have that liberty after practising a lot. Lining up with the centre will help you throw your dart right at the bullseye. Once you take your position, you can concentrate on the dartboard, aim and throw the dart. You will be successful.

Standing on the throwing side:

Skilled players generally go for a full forward stance which means placing both feet on the toe line and facing the dartboard with the whole upper body forward. This stance may look stable but standing on the throwing side is more comfortable for beginners and it also improves the player’s accuracy and consistency. If you have never stood in such a position, you can try it once and slowly you will start feeling comfortable.

Balancing weight:

The weight of the body must be distributed equally for throwing the dart the right way. Keep in mind that your front foot is the base and the back foot helps to stay balanced. Carry more weight on your front foot.

Practising darts with the right stance will help you get better to it fast.