Looking for a swing grinder machine

Swing Grinder Machine

Looking for a swing grinder machine? At Q-fin Quality Finishing you are at the right place. We have more than 30 years of experience in the grinding and deburring technique. We develop and sell machines for the grinding, deburring and edge inA-components.

A swing grinder machine designed by top experts

Our swing grinder machine, the TopGrinder, is designed by top industrial experts. This machine handles the toughest of challenges. It removes hundreds of visible and invisible metal burrs. The TopGrinder is a mobile machine that can be used for many processes, like grinding, deburring, polishing and edge rounding. It is designed by using advanced technology and premium quality materials. Swing Grinder Machine

The TopGrinder is the best choice for you

The TopGrinder is easy to use by a simple mechanism, which ensures an efficient and fast operation. Our swing grinder machine requires less maintenance and is highly appreciated by our customers. Investing in this machine will cut down the operation costs and it will prevent your products from damage. Whether you work with steel, aluminium of stainless steel; the TopGrinder is the best swing grinder machine for you!