Why Choose Interclean for Your Cleaning Tools and Equipments

cleaning tools and equipments

Interclean boasts of being the world’s leading platform for experts in cleaning and hygiene. The company was founded in 1967 and offers a wide range of products, services, and innovations. Besides the services, Interclean also brings you all the latest news and analysis on all matters concerning cleaning and hygiene. Here is why you should consider Interclean.

cleaning tools and equipments

Products You Can Find at Interclean

• Detergents and Disinfection Tools: When visiting the website, you will get an array of detergents and disinfection products depending on what you want to clean. In this category, you will find chemicals, surface cleaners, hand and skin care products, soaps, and powders. The website has comfortable navigation to find all these products quickly.
• Cleaning Equipment: This is the next category on the list of products and services. You will find car wash equipment, window &façade cleaning equipment, mops, cloths, trolleys, pest control equipment, and other laundry equipment such as pumps and dosing systems. You only need to pick what you prefer most. If you want a window cleaning drone, you will find it in this category.
• Cleaning Machines: In the cleaning machines category, you will find different industrial cleaning machines, outdoor cleaning machines, high-pressure machines, and laundry machines and accessories. By cleaning each sub-category, you will get a list of all the items from various brands and affiliations. You can pick what you prefer most, complete the ordering process, and have them shipped to your desired location.
• Healthcare Cleaning: The healthcare industry demands a high level of cleanliness. Due to its sensitivity, it requires special cleaning tools and equipments. At Interclean, you will find various products for such a space, such as healthcare-specific approved machines and tools, healthcare-specific approved detergents, healthcare-specific air and water quality products, autoclave, instrument washers, washer-disinfectors, and healthcare particular approved waste management and solutions. While on the website, you can choose what you want depending on your needs.

Interclean is your one-stop shop for all cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools. To place your order, you can quickly visit the website, find the products you want, and complete the process. They have what you need