What Does a Deburring Machine Do?


For those who are not familiar, a deburring machine is a machine that gets rid of built-up burrs and other types of imperfections from a finished surface. After cutting metals or other materials, a ridge or burr is left behind. These ridges are also created when plastic materials are cut and are supposed to be removed.

Why Remove Burrs

The problem with burrs is that they always create stems when they build up. When the parts of a certain machine have many burrs, the products that come from it might have negative issues, which is why a deburring machine is crucial. For instance, if a piece of metal that needs to be combined with other metals has rough edges, the edge of the seal will be negatively impacted. The idea is that rough edges never make perfect seals and should, therefore, be deburred.

How is Deburring Accomplished?

There is a range of deburring solutions put in place to meet the needs of various users. While each solution is tailored for a specific client, the process is always the same. This explains why different types of deburring devices use the same principles to get rid of edges so that a perfect seal is achieved each time metallic parts are joined.