The use of environmentally friendly metal and fiber

Do you have any projects that you want to start, but can’t seem to find the materials you’re looking for? A great site to get started with is Alformet. They produce tubes, more specifically designed to fit everyone’s needs. They’re sustainable, and according to their website, are created to help the world move faster and lighter. Meaning, you have the option to create your reality by using their materials. Their material can be used for everything, from designing, making and launching cars to building sustainable and well-created homes for people. Read a bit further down this article to explore your possibilities with this new environmentally friendly product! 

Why carbon fiber tubes?

The carbon tubes they produce are environmentally friendly produced and environmentally friendly in use. They can be recycled after use which makes them better materials than metal for example. Besides that, their carbon fiber tubes are also stronger than the usual metal tubes, because it is a ‘combination of strong and lightweight carbon fibers in a protective thermoplastic resin’. Meaning it is also stronger and more durable than normal metals, perfect for any use involving heavy weights. You can easily contact their website for a commission project or for more information on their projects with carbon fiber tubes. They will be more than happy to explain their production process to you, besides helping you with what you need to complete your own project.

What can you do with it?

As said in the previous text, you can use the Carbon Fibre Tube in any project where you need durable and strong products, which are also environmentally friendly, reusable, and recyclable. They can also withstand great heat from both electrical and heat energy. Due to the new technology with regard to a laser winding process, they can produce tubes and tapes with high resistance to this energy besides high fatigue resistance. Definitely recommendable if you want to figure out the best product for your project without damaging the environment.

Source: Alformet

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