Free psychic chats and readings

Are you looking for an affordable, experienced and trustable online psychic for a professional psychic chat? Or do you want advice from a psychic and are you looking for a cheap psychic reading?  At Psychicoraclechat you are at the right place.

We offer you an unlimited free online psychic chat with the best online psychics, psychic mediums or card readers. Our online psychics can give you advice about anything. You can chat with them about many subjects, for example your love life, career, hobby and relationships.


Free psychic chat rooms

Our accurate and experienced online psychics have helped hundreds of people with their psychic readings online. Our free psychic chat rooms are 24/7 available. So you can chat with a psychic anytime you want. All our psychics will be live on video during the free psychic chat or a free psychic chat reading.

Chat for free with an online psychic

At Psychicoraclechat you can contact an online psychic for free. You can chat with him or her for an unlimited time and without any obligations. You can ask the psychic advice about your love life, relationship problems, anxiety, a broken heart, career problems, a burn out or a low self-esteem.

Our free psychic chat gives you time to get to know the online psychic before you invite him or her for a cheap psychic chat reading. When you choose one of our professional online psychics, we guarantee you that you can be sure you will get a psychic reading from the best online psychic.

Why choose a psychic chat reading?

Psychic chat readings are a popular way to contact a psychic. More and more people choose to chat online with a psychic, because this way of communication offers many advantages:

  • Much choice
  • Comfortable
  • Many possibilities

Much choice

If you want to contact an online psychic for a free or cheap chat reading, you can choose between hundred professional psychics all over the world. So there is much choice. Always choose a trustable and genuine website where you can find reviews from other people who have contacted their online psychics.


An online psychic reading feels more relaxed and comfortable than a phone reading. You have more time to think about the issues you want to talk about or the things you want to ask. It is private and as accurate as a psychic phone reading.

Many possibilities

Another advantage is, that you can easily and quickly change between two psychics. You can also end the chat reading at any time you want. And you can always save the chat session and you can read it again later when you need to. At Psychicoraclechat you can also meet other likeminded people in the free spiritual community.

Register for free and receive a free psychic reading

You can register for free and receive a free psychic chat reading on a daily basis. This free psychic readings are demo readings. The free demo readings are a way to get familiar with receiving a psychic reading online.

The free psychic readings are being held in our free psychic chat rooms. A free psychic reading is different than a cheap reading. The free psychic readings aren’t as detailed as the paid readings. With this demo readings our online psychics show you how accurate they work and that they are really experienced and trustable. If you have a good feeling about the free psychic reading, you can always buy credits for a detailed reading. Our free psychic readings are without any obligations.

Receive more free readings

Are you interested in a free psychic reading? Than all you have to do is visit one of our chat rooms and look for a psychic who is giving a free reading. The more time you spend in one of the free psychic chatrooms, the more chance you have to receive a free psychic reading. If you spend more time in a chatroom, you have a chance to receive two or three free psychic readings a day. It is even possible to receive a free oracle card reading, a free Angel card reading or a free Tarot card reading during the free psychic chat.

Validate your creditcard and receive a free psychic reading

Another way to receive a free psychic reading is by validating your creditcard. Psychicoraclechat offers this promotion to all her new users. A big advantage of this promotion is that you do not have to buy credits first or pay anything else. The only thing you have to do is, validate your creditcard. After this you will receive 9,99 free credits. You can use this credits for a free psychic reading up to 10 minutes.

Visit our free tarot chatroom

You can also receive a totally free reading by visiting our free tarot chatroom on the website. Psychicoraclechat has many professional tarot card readers who offer you a free card reading in our free tarot chatroom.

Are you interested in a free tarot card reading? Follow us on Facebook and we can keep you informed when a free tarot card reader is available. It’s also possible to participate for more free tarot card reading on our Facebook page. You can also contact one of the online card readers for a professional Oracle or Tarot card reading. They can give you advice about many issues, for example questions about health, career, relationships and your love life.

Register for a free account

Are you looking for an experienced psychic online and are you interested in a free chat reading? Then don’t hesitate and register for a free account. You can immediately choose an online psychic and start chatting for free. It’s even possible to receive a free psychic chat reading and see the psychic live on a webcam. Register for a free account and chat with a psychic for free for an unlimited time. You can also chat as a guest first and register for a free account later.

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